The mission of Digital Storytellers is to engage a new generation of informed, skilled and creative leaders capable of harnessing the power of media to preserve their community's voice, share heritage and culture through the development of spoken word based documentaries.

We are building a reputation as innovators of service-learning and media technology education by facilitating in-class writing workshops where we also provide hands on instruction in the production of community strengthening and poetry themed documentary films..

We fulfill our commitments to service learning, leadership development and community involvement by connecting our students to community leaders and organizations relevant to the poems written in our workshops. Digital Storytellers recognizes the connections between stories, culture, and power and the need to pursue the empowering potentials of visual storytelling as a grassroots, participatory media practice.

Skyline High School - Oakland

Richmond High School - Richmond

Gateway Junior High School - San Francisco

Patrick Ohslund - Executive Director

Lesher Foundation

Clorox Foundation

Friends of Harvey Milk

Morris Stulsaft Foundation

The Beat Within

Bay Area Peace Keepers

The Voice of a Generation